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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baguio City

TRAVEL DATE: April 7 - 12, 2009

Baguio City is popularly know as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cold weather and cool atmosphere. This is brought about by the high altitude to which the place is located and the pine trees that surround it.

Baguio mountains
Baguio Mountainside

Baguio City is the capital city of the Province of Benguet, located at the northern portion of Luzon, Philippines. It is an 8-hour bus drive from Manila City and an hour fly only by airplane flight. There are a lot of available bus liners going to Baguio City everyday and you may check out their current rates from here: Victory Liner, Genesis Transport, Philtranco.

We visited Baguio City three years ago, well I was still in my university days, and it was the summer season in the Philippines. We were toured by our uncle from Pangasinan, and good thing he had his personal car so transportation was not a problem.

PMA baguio

Baguio Road

We visited a lot of famous tourist spots and you can check out the travel list below:

1.) Lion's head at Kennon Road
2.) Session Road
3.) Burnham Park
4.) Camp John Hay
5.) PMA Academy
6.) Malacanang Mansion
7.) Baguio Church
8.) Mines View Park

On the way to Baguio City, you will pass by the popular Lion's Head along Kennon Road and there are some nearby shops that allow tourists to rent the Ifugao costume for picture taking moments.

Baguio Lion Head

baguio ifugao_01

Too bad when we went to the PMA Academy, we arrived at 4:30 PM and the academy was already closed.

TRAVEL TIP: They only entertain visitors and tourists until 4 PM so make sure to visit it in the morning.
Baguio PMA_01

Baguio PMA_01
Philippine Military Academy

If you want to experience the Baguio "view from the top", be sure to never fail visiting the Mines View Park. You will definitely drop your jaw looking at Baguio City from a "bird's eye view" perspective and it was really magnificent. The entrance fee that time was around PHP 20 per person.

Mines View Baguio_01

Mines View Baguio_04
Mines View Park

Camp John Hay on the other hand was a previous military base camp way back 1900's and it served as a military reservation for the United States Army. There's an entrance fee by the way but it's only very cheap (around 30 - 50 pesos per person).

baguio camp john hay_01baguio camp john hay_03

baguio camp john hay_05

baguio camp john hay_07baguio camp john hay_06

baguio camp john hay_09
Camp John Hay

When you say Burnham Park, everyone will surely know where it is. You can stroll around the park and rent their bancas for a boat ride.  

TRAVEL TIP: Be sure to wear proper "winter-ish" clothes, thick jacket, thick pants, and bonnet or hat. Guess what? I did not wear the proper attire that time......

baguio burnham_01

It will be an advantage if you know how to speak their local dialect, Ilokano, so you can further negotiate with the locals. In case you don't know their local dialect, it's still not a problem because the people are very hospitable and very accommodating.

What's nice about Baguio? The air is always cold wherever you go! It's a complete opposite of Manila. 

TRAVEL TIP: Visit Baguio City every February because they are celebrating their Panagbenga Festival which is the Festival of Flowers! For hotels and lodges to stay, you may visit Highly recommended is the Mountain Lodge Hotel.

Baguio Mountain Lodge_01
Mountain Lodge Hotel Interior
SM Baguio
SM City Baguio Terrace
Baguio Church
Baguio Cathedral

Browse more information about Cordillera Region from here:

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