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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bohol Island

TRAVEL DATE: March 24 - 26, 2010

Bohol Province is located at the heart of the Philippines and its capital city is Tagbilaran. It is famous for its world-renowned Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, and Tarsier. Due to its proximity to Cebu Island, the language widely spoken here is Cebuano, though they also have their own Boholano dialect.

Panglao Beach_06

"Sun, sand, swim" best describes Bohol Island because of its crystal clear white sand beaches, tropical climate matched with beautiful tall trees, and of course the added warm hospitality of the local "Bol-anons". 

It was during our university educational tour that I had the chance to visit Bohol Island. The trip was a two-hour ferry boat ride from Cebu port and the fare was around PHP 400 for one-way. The ferry-boat was well air-conditioned and has a viewing deck outside to which you can take photographs of the islands nearby, up-close and personal.

Ferry boat to Bohol_01

Ferry boat to Bohol_02Ferry boat to Bohol_03

We were also given the opportunity to enter the Captain's Deck and they gave us a short tour about the deck and the equipment being used:

Ferry boat to Bohol_08Ferry boat to Bohol_09
Ferry boat to Bohol_10

Upon arriving Bohol Port, we surely witnessed how clear the water was and how clean the place was. Kudos to all local government official who imposed strict rules and regulations in taking good care of the environment. From the pier, we were fetched by our hotel van since the hotel was located at the "mountainous" part of Panglao Island, the famous Island beside the main island of Tagbilaran.

Bohol Pier_02
Bohol Pier
Bohol Pier_01

It was already 6PM when we arrived at the hotel. Bohol Plaza was the name and it was a huge hotel and what's most interesting about this hotel was that the reception area was their fourth floor and the elevator service was going down (can you picture it out?). Since it's located beside the mountain, its hotel rooms were located downhill.  

Here are some photos so you can visualize it:
Bohol Plaza Philippines_01 
Bohol Plaza Philippines_02Bohol Plaza Philippines_03

Bohol Plaza Philippines_06
Bohol Plaza Hotel

On our first night, we just relaxed and had some fun moments on their wide swimming pool!

Bohol Plaza swimming pool_01

Bohol Plaza swimming pool_03

The next day, we visited a lot of tourist destinations and here's a rundown of some places to visit:

1.) Chocolate Hills
2.) Loboc River Cruise
3.) Tarsier-watching
4.) Panglao Beach
5.) Sikatuna Blood Compact
6.) Danao Adventure Park - E.A.T. Danao
7.) Bohol Beach Club
8.) Aproniana Souvenir Shop
9.) Baclayon Church
10.) Bohol Plaza Hotel
11.) Dawis Church
12.) Hinagdanan Cave
13.) Man-made Forest     

Panglao Beach_01
 Panglao Beach_04Panglao Beach_05
Panglao Beach_07
 Panglao Beach 

Bohol Chocolate Hills_01
Bohol Chocolate Hills_05
Chocolate Hills

Bohol Church_01
Bohol Church_04Bohol Church_05Bohol Church_06
 Bohol Churches

Bohol Tarsier_01Bohol Tarsier_02

Bohol Tarsier_03

Loboc River Cruise
Loboc River BuffetEnjoying buffet at Loboc River Bohol
 Loboc River Buffet_04
Loboc River Buffet_05
Loboc River Presentation_01Loboc River Presentation_02
 Loboc River Presentation_05
Loboc River Cruise

Bohol Hinagdanan Cave_01
Bohol Hinagdanan Cave_02Bohol Hinagdanan Cave_03
Bohol Hinagdanan Cave_04
  Hinagdanan Cave

Bohol Manmade Forest_01
Bohol Manmade Forest_03Bohol Manmade Forest_04

Bohol Manmade Forest_05
Man-made Forest

Ceres Tours moments_05
Ceres Tours Bus
TRAVEL TIP: Ceres Bus Liner Co. offers a lot of trips from Negros Occidental to Cebu City starting at 11PM until 6PM. Cebu City is the gateway province going to Bohol Island.

Traveling is much fun when you're with a company of happy people. An educational tripped turned out to be an enjoyable and memorable escapade Bohol is such a place worthy to spend time with!

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