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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Splash Island, Laguna

TRAVEL DATE: March 18, 2012

Next province down south of Metro Manila is Laguna. It's thickly populated now jampacked with heavy traffic and noisy jeepneys honking all the time. With all the busy life in the province of Laguna, good thing there's still a place to unwind and relax.

Splash Island Laguna_01
Splash Island Map

Splash Island is a perfect destination for you to go if you're looking for a not-so-far and not-so-expensive outing experience with friends and colleagues. Splash Island is located in the Municipality of Binan (not sure if it has been already declared as a city) , about 30 minutes drive from Metro Manila through bus. Well, the bus fare won't cost you that much though given that it's already air-conditioned.

We got a 50%-Off Deal from "Metrodeal" for the entrance fee, and it was a good deal by the way, that's why we didn't had any second thoughts to go. The regular entrance rates for adults cost PHP 500 and we got the promo for PHP 250 only. You can try all the slides as much as you desire.

Splash Island offers a lot of amenities including heart-pounding water slides and nice gigantic swimming pools and wave pool.

Splash Island Laguna_02

A View at the entrance gate of the resort for entrance tickets. Since it was summer, there were literally a "splash" of guests visiting the place! :D

Splash Island Laguna_03Splash Island Laguna_04

Spot the difference: Me vs. Totem Pole! :p Well, I only took very few pictures using my camera phone. Oops, why is my shirt having an optical illusion?

Browse more information about Laguna from here:

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