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Monday, December 31, 2012

Carbin Reef, Sagay City

TRAVEL DATE: Multiple Times :)

One of the northern cities of the Province of Negros Occidental is the Sagay City. Sagay City celebrates its yearly festival every March, the Sinigayan Festival. Sinigayan Festival showcases the different marine life that the city has to offer. The city proper is located near the seashore and the richness of its seas are very welcoming and rich in biodiversity.

They actually have the "Museo Sang Bata" which features some marine lives that can be found in their city:

Cebu City

TRAVEL DATE: Multiple Times already :)

I've been to Cebu City and the rest of its outskirt places for quite some time already. As of my latest count, I've been there for 5 times and already visited about 5 - 6 cities and municipalities.

Cebu Province is like Metro Manila in the making and tagged as "Metro Cebu". Its capital City, Cebu City, has been very famous for its Sinulog Festival celebrated every third week of January in honor of their patron saint, Santo Nino. Cebuanos are known to have strong faith and belief in the teachings of the Catholic Church.



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