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Monday, December 31, 2012

Carbin Reef, Sagay City

TRAVEL DATE: Multiple Times :)

One of the northern cities of the Province of Negros Occidental is the Sagay City. Sagay City celebrates its yearly festival every March, the Sinigayan Festival. Sinigayan Festival showcases the different marine life that the city has to offer. The city proper is located near the seashore and the richness of its seas are very welcoming and rich in biodiversity.

They actually have the "Museo Sang Bata" which features some marine lives that can be found in their city:

On this city's seas you can find the famous "Carbin Reef". Carbin Reef is a man-made white sand bar surrounded by different types of corals, colorful fishes, and other marine life and it houses the sanctuary of abalones and giant clams.

From Sagay City Proper, ride a tricycle going to Old Sagay and the fare is around PHP 10 per person. From Old Sagay port, try to negotiate with the "Bantay Dagat" office for a pump boat service going to the Island.

The pump boat roughly cost PHP 1,000 to PHP 2,000 for back and forth trip depending upon the number of passengers and how big the pump boat will be.


The travel time is around 30 minutes but don't worry because Carbin Reef is already visible even from afar. The Bantay-Dagat carefully maintains the place and the local city government built a watch-tower for their personnel to have a place to stay while manning the reef.

! Things that you should bring are as follows:

1.) Tent or Canopy - there are not much cottages / tents on the reef because it is only a small island.
2.) Food and Drinks - well this is always a MUST!
3.) Snorkeling and Diving Gears - to get a clearer and nearer view of the coral reefs.
4.) Medicines / Anti-allergies - if you are sea-sick or have some water allergies
5.) Sunblock lotion - the heat is INTENSE there! Seriously.

TRAVEL TIP: The local dialect widely spoken here is Hiligaynon but a number of people also know how to speak the Cebuano dialect.

Some snapshots for your eyes only:

Jumpshot moments? - CAPTURED!


You will definitely enjoy your summer plans in Carbin Reef, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. I guarantee that!


  1. This past year just before my chinese bus tours I have visited the Carbin Reef with my friends Joan. We spend there a lazy day there doing nothing but looking at the white sand beach, swimming in the cool, clear water and snorkeling.

    1. Thanks a lot Alix!

      Keep traveling!
      Dan ^^




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