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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand: A Taste Of Thai - Food Review

Yes, FOOD is important to me! :)

Before going to Thailand, I did beforehand my slightly "extensive" research about their country's finest delicacies and popular local dishes. I've read a lot of sources saying Thailand's dishes are bursts of each and every flavor. Interesting, right?!

Thailand cuisines

Well, I've considered all the online comments I've read and listed down the must-eat foods, and now it's my time to give my verdict!

Thailand has lots of cuisines to offer to satisfy your stomach's desire. I really did my best trying all their foods may it be from a formal restaurant, food court center, street food stalls, and side walk vendors. Join me as I share with you glimpses of Thai foods that surely made my trip more satisfying.

Thai Food Court
Food Court center around Pratunam

I've read some sources online that in Pratunam Area, they serve delicious Chicken Rice [they pronounced it as "chiken righ"] and Tom Yum. Well, I found a chicken rice which costs THB 50 but it was the fried version and not the steamed one. But it still passed my taste bud's criteria.

Thai Chicken in Rice
Thai Chicken in Rice

The Tom Yum on the other hand was EPIC! With its THB 100 price, Yes, E-P-I-C! The sweet and spicy taste of the dish really brought a "stinging" sensation in my body. Somehow, I realized that Thai foods are sharing the same taste with Filipino foods. For instance Tom Yum versus our local Sinigang dish!

Thailand Tom Yum
Tom Yum

Strolling along Pratunam Area, there were also a lot of food vendors selling lots of fruits which were delicious and sweet and cost only around THB 20 - THB 50. In the Philippines, we usually use Soy Sauce with Green Mangoes and Guavas but in Thailand, I was amazed because they used chili powder! And yes, again it was perfectly matched!

Thailand Coconut vendorStreed food vendor in Pratunam

Corn vendor in PratunamFruit vendor in Pratunam

Street food spices in Pratunam
Street food spices to spice up your life!

TRAVEL TIP: Aside from Thai Food, you can also find bunch of restaurants serving Indian Food, Chinese Food, and European Food. If you're too adventurous to taste all the dishes, don't hesitate to try everything at once!
Noodles w/ Egg & Tomato Soup
Noodles w/ Egg & Tomato Soup

Stir Fried Noodle w/ Squid in ThailandStir Fried Chicken w/ Peanuts in Thailand
   Stir Fried Noodle w/ Squid              Stir Fried Chicken w/ Peanuts

Going up north in the historical place of Ayutthaya, One Love Restaurant & Guest House, in front of Wat Ratchaburana, offered delicious dishes! I highly recommend this resto to all tourists visiting the place! Prepare around THB 400 in your pocket and it will already suffice your hunger.

Ayutthaya Restaurant
One Love Restaurant

Thai Food in AyutthayaThai Food in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Resto
Who said I'm hungry?

Going back to Bangkok, another Thai Food on my list is the Pad Thai! I have tasted before this dish from a Thai Resto here in the Philippines but my tongue is really searching for an authentic one.

Seafood Pad ThaiChicken Pad Thai
Seafood                                           Chicken

TRAVEL TIP: Try the sidewalk food stall located in the entrance gate in Tha Tien Pier because they serve tasteful Pad Thai dish either in Chicken mix or Seafood mix at THB 60 only. By the way, Thai Tien Pier is near Wat Pho area.

Tha Tien Pier Pad Thai

Pad Thai in Tha Tien Pier
Pad Thai Preparation

Moving on, there's a place in Bangkok which is popularly known as the "Backpacker's Haven". Where else but Khao San Road! Why? Because it's an area jam-packed with tourists and backpackers alike. They have affordable lodges, pension inns, and guest houses! Additionally, the place transforms itself as a party haven at night!

TRAVEL TIP: Never miss tasting Thailand's local beer, "Chang Beer", from a bar in Khao San Road! I admit, it's cheaper because it only costs THB 60 for a 640 ml bottle. Fair deal, huh?!

Chang Beer ThailandChang Beer Thailand_02

Thai Chang Beer
Cheers to Good Health!.. I meant Good LIFE! :)

Is it maybe because Thai foods have the same tastes as Filipino foods that's why I loved their dishes? I think it's more on the "innovative taste" that Thai foods offer that made it worth a try, Always!

Browse more information about Thailand from here:

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