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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coron Island, Palawan: A Nomad's Travel

TRAVEL DATES: November 9 - 12, 2012

Coron Islands, situated in the West side of the Philippines and facing the South China Sea, belongs to the municipality of Busuanga, Palawan. It's a haven of beautiful corals and uniquely-colored fishes, and composed of small limestone-rich islands. It was only my dream place before because of the stories my colleagues shared with me, and now I made it into reality!

Picturesque Malcapuya Island
Picturesque Malcapuya Island

The island Province of Palawan is made up of numerous scenic spots not only in Busuanga but also in El Nido and Puerto Princesa. They also boast their luscious flora and fauna and it's nice to know how the local people protect these against "invaders". Well, I'm gonna take it easy and conquer them one at a time.

* I say NO to MINING in Palawan!*

TRAVEL TIP: Coron is a "hard-to-reach" place in the sense that it is conveniently accessible only by airplane flights. Well there are not much flights going to Busuanga so make sure to schedule and book your trip ahead of time to guarantee yourself some space on the plane. You may read more information about How-To-Go-To-Coron from here: Traversing Coron Island.

Bulog Island and Sand Bar
Bulog Island and Sand Bar

I bounded Coron with my 4 Days - 3 Nights Trip together with my high school travel mates and what we had with us is our contact number for the van that will fetch us at the airport. Oh we also have another contact number for the boat ride for our Island Hopping trip the next day. After those, the rest was history. Our plan actually was to have no plan at all and be as spontaneous as we could. Of course we need to be cautious at times and keep an eye on everything especially on our budget :)

We heavily relied on the suggestions from the local people we've met and that's where our itinerary was drafted and completed. Going into a place where you know nothing, it's best to ask the locals. Coron is just a small town and a lot of Inns, Pension Houses, and Hotels are found so no worries on the accommodation.

Freedom at Malcapuya Island
Freedom at Malcapuya Island

Here's our self-made itinerary for our trip which might be helpful to you:

DAY 1:

3:00 PM  Flight to Coron, Palawan 
4:00 PM  Arrival in Busuanga Airport 
4:30 PM  Van from Airport to Coron town proper 
5:15 PM  Hotel searching around town 
6:00 PM  Check-in at Shirley's Pension House 
7:00 PM  Off to Maquinit Hot Springs 
8:00 PM  Dinner at Kawayanan Resto 
10:00 PM  Rest; End of Day 1 

DAY 2:

7:30 AM  Check-out at Shirley's Inn 
8:00 AM  Buy Food at Coron Public Market 
8:30 AM  Island Hopping 
9:00 AM  First stop: Black Limestone Coral Reef 
11:30 AM  Second Stop: Malcapuya Island 
12:30 PM  Lunch Time 
3:00 PM  Island Hopping 
3:30 PM  Third Stop: Banana Island 
4:30 PM  Depart Banana Island 
5:00 PM  Check-in at Malcapuya Island 
5:30 PM  Sunset watching and photo-ops 
7:30 PM  Dinner Time by the Beach 
9:00 PM  Socialize; End of Day 2 

DAY 3:

6:00 AM  Sunrise Watching at the other side of Malcapuya Island 
7:00 AM  Breakfast by the boat 
8:00 AM  Depart from Malcapuya Island 
8:30 AM  Island Hopping (Shipwreck, Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake, Coral Garden, Bulog Island)
5:00 PM  Touch down at Coron Port 
6:00 PM  Check-in at Darayonan Lodge 
7:00 PM  Dinner and Socialize 
10:00 PM  Rest; End of Day 3 

DAY 4:

5:30 AM  Early hike and sunrise watching at Mt. Tapyas 
11:00 AM  Buy Pasalubong at famous Cashew Nuts store near the port
2:00 PM  Manila Bound!  

TRAVEL BUDGET : PHP 5,500.00 (excluding airfare)

Colorful Fishes of Coron Waters
Colorful Fishes of Coron Waters

TRAVEL TIP: Making your own itinerary and costing your own budget are way better than booking for a tour package because you will save almost half the price and of course your schedule is flexible the way you wanted it! Thorough research will surely pay-off.

Kayangan Lake (aerial view)
Kayangan Lake (aerial view)

Browse more information about Coron, Palawan from here:
Credits to my travelmate, Shaine Chaves, for the pictures above! :)  


    1. Replies
      1. Thanks @dane July Beriong. More travels to come and more travels to share :)


    2. i'm going to have a vacay in coron this nov. for the first time.
      ask ko lang po, ung 2days island hopping tour ninyo, is it on tour package or lang nang boat? how much? and how much then po ang nagastos nyo sa overnight stay in malcapuya island? and in what hotel?
      really need some calculations sa mga possible expenses.
      thank you

      1. Hi Iris!

        Thanks for reading my travel post about Coron. Well, we paid 7,000 pesos(including the 500 tip to the bangkeros) for our 2-days island hopping trip. Price depends on the number of days you will rent the boat, number of persons, and the size of the boat to be used.

        We stayed overnight at Malcapuya Island and we rented their guest house which was 4,000 pesos. However, they have small cabanas/nipa huts along the beachfront which I believe is way cheaper. Upon arriving Malcapuya Island, you may look for Kuya Revo and he can assist you. Malcapuya Island is still under continuous development.

        For cheap hotels and inns naman on Coron Town Proper, I suggest you to stay at Shirley's Inn and Darayonan Lodge. Cheap and reasonably priced :)

        Hope this helps. Keep traveling!

        P.S.: I will post soon our Coron Trip Accommodations.

    3. Thanks for the info I got from your blog. Coron was indeed spectacular :)
      I wanna share my unforgettable shots in Coron:

      Thanks :)

      1. Thanks to you too Joy for reading my blog about Coron and it was nice hearing that you enjoyed your Coron travel!

        I will surely take some time looking at the pictures you posted.

        Keep traveling!

    4. hello..very informative blog. love your shots!
      do u have the # of your bangkero?

      1. Thanks a lot Star! Photos we're taken my one of my travelmate. kudos to her! :)

        Unfortunately, I don't have the contact number of our bangkero, however, you may directly go to the pier and book yourself a boat for your island hopping tour. Be aware though if its peak or non-peak season.

        Keep traveling!
        Dan :)

    5. Hi Dan, do I read it roght: you had one bankero with you and he stayed with you at Malcapuya? I'm planning my trip to Coron in Feb and trying to fix a nice island hopping - love your agenda:).

      1. Hi Glodnyswiata! Thanks for reading through my blog post about Coron. Yeah we had our bangkeros, two actually, stay with us over the night at Malcapuya Island. They were also generous enough to cook us food for lunch and dinner. Your negotiation skills is more useful in these situations.

        Keep traveling! ^^,

        P.S. I'm not sure right now how Malcapuya Island has progressed in terms of commercial development... perhaps more built structures are already present.




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