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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Going Abroad Alone for the First Time

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Another year has passed since I first went to Singapore and at the end of this month, I will go there again for a business trip. This time, it will be more exciting since I have no other colleagues with me from my Philippine Office. I will meet my 3 office colleagues from our Hong Kong Office upon arriving Singapore's Airport.

Traveling alone from Philippines

Yes, I'm more than excited for this experience. I need to go through the flight check-in process and Immigration process all by myself. I remembered last year when it was my first time going abroad, I felt nervous during the Immigration process because I don't know what questions to expect from the immigration officer. I prepared all the necessary details of my trip and whatever she might ask and need. Good thing, it went peacefully :)

My ultimate dream in life is to go to other countries, well for now South East Asian countries first, and do backpacking alone. Scary and a bit risky but I believe it will be worth the experience. Though it may be expensive, but who knows? I might meet someone along the way sharing the same experiences with me and share some expenses with me. *LOL*

Going back to the Immigration Process, below are my "7-Thing" List to prepare beforehand:

1. Your Legitimate Philippine Passport
2. Valid ID
3. Outbound Airplane Ticket with Boarding Pass (upon check-in in the airport)
4. Travel Itinerary
5. Hotel Name and Address and length of stay
6. Airplane Ticket back to the Philippines
7. Company details, Certificate of Employment and Invitation Letter when on a business trip

Philippines Passport
Philippines Passport

So are we all prepared now to travel on our own?

Bon Voyage travelers! :)


  1. Truth be told, I could never imagine not travelling alone. I'm quite an impulsive person, and I'm always someone who just prefers to *do*.

    Anyway, great article! I look forward to the next one!

    Also, if you get the chance in the future, visit the Cirque de Gavarnie. You won't regret it.

    1. Thanks @Matthew Hughes! I look forward to visiting more places too and have a glimpse of what other cultures offer.

      Visiting South East Asian countries is on my list as of the moment.





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