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Monday, May 27, 2013

Coron Island, Palawan: Life's a Beach!

Sun...  Sand...  Sea...  Swim...  Snorkel...

That is how I choose to summarize my 4 Days / 3 Nights Coron, Palawan escapade November last year. The hang-over is still with me and every time I go to a beach or watch a travel show, I can't help but compare it to my Coron experience. Fair enough, huh?!

Malcapuya Island Coron
Malcapuya Island

Oh well, I believe Coron Island deserves such impression and it shows on the increasing number of tourists visiting the place year after year. The funny thing when we rode the airplane going to Busuanga, Palawan, aboard Cebu Pacific's afternoon flight, 60% to 70% of the passengers are foreign tourists. We felt like we were the tourists in our own country. :)

Cebu Pacific Air
Cebu Pacific Air

Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,107 Islands, and surrounded by different bodies of water. Coron Island in the Municipality of Busuanga, Palawan, is strategically located on the western side of the country and is an area where rich marine lives are found. This is where Busuanga Island capitilized in order to improve their economic situation. More tourism means more infrastructures needed, and in effect creates more jobs to locals.

A few days stay isn't enough to enjoy Coron's beauty. Seriously. Take a week off from the busy Metro Manila work life. Relax in a serene environment and find happiness by just sitting along the seashore of Malcapuya Island and looking at the clear blue waters. We went to Coron with not much information about the place, nor about the accommodation or transportation. We'll spontaneity can sometimes spark interesting ideas and plans which we never knew might be enjoyable.

Here were some of the worthwhile places we visited during our trip:

Island Hopping at Coron
(Hire your own boat and it will save you a lot of money!)
Malcapuya Island beachfront
Malcapuya Island Beachfront
Malcapuya Island stones
Malcapuya Island
Bulog Island Coron
Bulog Island 
(featuring my travelmate, Pamela)
Shipwreck Coron
Snorkeling at Shipwreck Area
Lunch at Nipa Hut in Coron
Lunch at Shipwreck Area
Kayangan Lake Aerial View
Kayangan Lake Aerial View
Siete Picados Coron
Siete Picados (7 islands)
Black Limestones at Coron
Black Limestone

TRAVEL TIP: When dropping by Malcapuya Island, look for the caretaker named Revo, an Ilonggo from Bacolod City, and you can ask for some tips from him on how to enjoy your stay in Coron. Also, you can bargain the overnight stay rate on the Island and you can request a bonfire in the evening for free!

Bonfire at Malcapuya Island
Bonfire at Malcapuya Island

If you want a hassle-free and laid-back trip, try booking for a group tour package so that you won't have any problems arranging the trip schedule, food, and transportation. You can find a lot of reasonable deals through MetroDeal. The nice thing about group tours is that they serve delicious seafood buffet meals. The drawback on the other hand is that it is expensive and the schedule is not flexible.

TRAVEL TIP: In case you did not register for a package tour or group tour beforehand, you can definitely make your own itinerary and enjoy your flexible plans at your own convenience. The entrance fees on the islands and tourist spots (i.e. Malcapuya Island, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, etc.) is around PHP 100 - PHP 200.

Coron Trip barkada
Coron Travelmates!

This coming September 2013, I will visit the Island Province of Palawan again but this time, it's Puerto Princesa. Different island but equally beautiful as Coron Island. Looking forward to Puerto Princesa's Underground River!

Freedom at Palawan
Life's a Beach at Palawan

Browse more information about Coron, Palawan from here:
Credits to my travelmate, Shaine Chaves, for the pictures above! :)


    1. this is a very nice blog :)
      you're lucky you've been to this beautiful places. hope i could too, maybe next year :)

      palawan travel packages

      1. Thanks Hayley!

        Put Coron Island, Palawan on your list now before you forget. It's such a lovely place and a perfect destination to relax and unwind. Looking to hear some travel stories from you soon!

        Keep Traveling! :)

    2. Hi can you give the number of Revo?

      1. Hi there! I'm sorry I didn't manage to get his number. Anyhow, you'll surely meet him at Malcapuya Island because he's the main man taking care of the island.

        He speaks Ilonggo by the way. :) Hope this helps..

        Keep traveling!

    3. Personally, the underground river is way overhyped and way too expensive for just touring the caves. I suggest that you invest your days in El Nido instead. You won't regret it.

      1. Hi Kane! Thanks for your suggestions. However I already have booked my flight to Puerto Princesa so I'll just grab the opportunity visiting the underground river.

        However, I will try visitng El Nido if I got time! :)

        Keep traveling

    4. Coron Island sounds amazing. Love your photo of 'Kayangan Lake Aerial View'.

      1. Thanks a lot Katie!

        Keep traveling,
        Dan! :)

    5. Can u suggest where we can avail cheap tour packages for this? thanks!




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