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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boracay Island, Aklan: Transportation 101

Boracay Island is situated on the northwest side of Panay Island and belongs to the Municipality of Malay in the Province of Aklan. Boracay has been a world-class tourist destinations because of its famous white-sand coastlines and various water activities. A once uninhabited island full of trees and wild animals has now been the top vacation spot in the country.

Boracay Island
Boracay Island

Boracay Island can be reached through different modes of transportation. It depends on what route you want to take and how many travel hours you can tolerate. Anyway, don't fret 'coz arriving at this paradise island will surely calm all your senses!


There are three routes available going to the Island of Boracay. From Manila, you can either ride a plane going to Iloilo Province or Kalibo, Aklan, or you can take a "RORO" boat (Roll-On Roll-Off) that will take you straight to Caticlan, Aklan where the port going to Boracay is located.

Getting There - From Manila

<> 1st Option: via Iloilo Airport <>

Take a 1-hour plane ride from NAIA Airport in Manila, going to Iloilo Airport. There are a lot of plane carriers available such as Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Tiger Airways, etc. For the plane fare, you can directly check their websites for the updated rates.

Iloilo Airport
Iloilo Airport
Airport Arrival (with Dinagyang costumes at the back)
Airport Arrival (with Dinagyang costumes at the back)

From Iloilo Airport, ride a van going to Iloilo City Proper and the fare costs you PHP 50. You can ask the driver to drop you at SM City Iloilo or Jaro Plaza. Take a Leganes-bound jeepney and alight at Tagbak Terminal. Jeepney fare in Iloilo city costs PHP 8.

From Tagbak Terminal, you can either choose to ride the Ceres Bus with a signboard "Caticlan" or you can look for a van that goes to Caticlan. You may refer below for the brief table of comparison:

Fare (PHP)
Travel Time
6 hours
4.5 hours
      Spacious but the bus has a lot of stops
      Limited space but the van goes directly to Caticlan

TRAVEL TIP: If you have low tolerance on long travels and you easily get dizzy, bring your medications with you in case of emergency and have a plastic bag with you in case you feel like vomiting. To avoid getting dizzy, just sleep all throughout the trip. 

Caticlan Jetty Port
Caticlan - Jetty Port

Arriving Caticlan's Jetty Port, you need to pay PHP 25 for the Boat Fee, PHP 100 for the Terminal Fee, and PHP 75 for the Environmental Fee, which sums up to a total of PHP 200. Boat ride from Jetty Port to Boracay Port is around 15 minutes, depending on the sea and weather conditions.

<> 2nd Option: via Kalibo Airport <>

From Manila's NAIA Terminal, ride a plane going to Kalibo, Aklan through Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, etc. The travel time is approximately 45 minutes. The airfare though is more expensive as compared to via Iloilo route. From Kalibo Airport, there are a lot of vans that are going to Caticlan's Jetty Port and the travel time is around 1.5 hours.

Again, upon arriving Caticlan's Jetty Port, you need to pay PHP 25 for the Boat Fee, PHP 100 for the Terminal Fee, and PHP 75 for the Environmental Fee, which sums up to a total of PHP 200. Boat ride from Jetty Port to Boracay Port is around 15 minutes depending on the sea and weather conditions.

Jetty Port Ticketing Booth
Jetty Port Ticketing Booth

<> 3rd Option: Ride a RORO going straight to Caticlan <>

This route is the least popular because the travel time is a bit longer and I find it inconvenient. Though this is recommended if you travel together from Manila with a lot of family members because you can definitely save a lot of money. 2Go Ferry has trips going to Caticlan's Jetty Port via Batangas Port.


The most popular transportation around Boracay Island is their own version of the tricycle. Their tricycle can accommodate 5 passengers excluding the driver and the fare costs around PHP 20 - PHP 50 depending on the distance traveled. There are also multi-cab vans available though this is more expensive than the tricycle.

Boracay Tricycle
Boracay's Tricycle

Boracay Island has significantly improved from what it was before. Though I noticed one negative effect of infrastructure improvement - poor urban planning. Roads going to the beach front are all flooded when heavy rains come. I do sincerely hope that the local government has already noticed this issue and has already started addressing this concern.

Boracay is a top tourist destination and should be maintained...always!

Browse more information about Boracay Island from here:


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    1. Thanks a lot Boracay Hotels and Resorts! Would love hearing some tips and tours from you too!

  2. Thanks for its easy for me to do my itinerary in Boracay next month.

    1. Hi Rhed, You're welcome! How many days will you be staying in Boracay? Hope you'll have a good time :)

      Keep traveling.

    2. that would be on nov 29 - dec 03.. seems far but better prepare the itinerary early to avoid conflicts.. so thanks for sharing this :)

    3. P.S. do i need to pay the terminal fee at iloilo airport?

    4. Great! Christmas season is coming. I'm sure a lot of people will visit Boracay. Enjoy your stay!

      I believe, there still is a PHP 200 terminal fee from Iloilo to Manila since the Iloilo airport is already considered as an airport of international standard same with Bacolod and Cebu.

  3. When we are going for the tour to any other country so at that time we needed the help of the transportation services of this country and for that time online transportation service providers are really helpful for us...Read More

  4. hello just want to ask how much would it cost me going to caticlan from batangas port thru a private vehicle? tnx alot

    1. Hi Dave!

      Honestly, I don't know how much as I haven't tried this route yet. However, as far as I know, 2GO Ferry offers such service. Perhaps you may inquire directly through their website.

      Hope this helps!

      Keep Traveling! ^^,

  5. Thank you for the great info! We are travelling there in a few hours and we dident find any good info anywhere! Thanks this was really helpful! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Leonardo! I do hope you'll enjoy your Boracay escapade which will start in a few! Hoping to hear some travel stories from you after your trip.

      Keep Traveling! ^^,

  6. Hello Good Day,

    Do you have any idea if we need to pay terminal fee and environmental fee again going back to caticlan jetty port? And qould you know the van fare going to iloilo from caticlan? Thank you so much :)

  7. I went to Boracay last summer, actually this is not bad for a beach vacation ^^

    1. I couldn't agree more Oliver!

      Keep traveling! ^^,




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