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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Countdown to MY Quarterlife

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Today is exactly 100 Days to go before I reach my Quarterlife. So where am I now?

100 Days to quarterlife of travelandcount

I'm starting to ask myself, "What have I learned from the past?" Or, "Is there really a learning from my past?" Hmmm.. As what other people say, we all will experience our own quarterlife crisis. It's like a time wherein we come to a point that we question our status in life, our achievements, growth and learning, social status, financial capabilities, travel maturity, etc.

My soon-to-be 25 years of existence I must say has been a good one. Though there were challenges faced at times, I took it as a learning experience and saw failure as a positive driving force. A day in a life is full of ups and downs and that made me appreciate the meaning of it.

So where have I traveled for all these 25 years?

Well so far, I had lived in three places in the Philippines, Bacolod City being my hometown, Iloilo City for four years for my high school education at Philippines Science High School, and Metro Manila for 3 years almost for my work.

Locally, the Northernmost place I visited was Pagudpud, at Ilocos Norte, and the Southernmost was Davao City in Mindanao Region. The Westernmost place I've been to was Coron, Palawan, and the Easternmost was Bohol Island. We all know that the Philippines is composed of 7,107 Islands and is divided into 81 provinces. It's still a long way to go for me to step foot on every province in the country. Who cares? I still have 3 quarterlives ahead of me! :)

Traveling abroad, I had visited 4 countries so far, all of which belonged to the South East Asian region. The first country I visited was Singapore, followed by Thailand and Cambodia where I did my first backpacking experience and it was unforgettable, and recently to Malaysia where I visited Kuala Lumpur.

So what topped my lists of favorites? Hmmm...

<> Nicest Local Destination:     Coron Island, Palawan
<> Nicest International Destination:     Siem Reap, Cambodia

<> Best Local Food:     Kilawin of Ilocos Norte
<> Best International Food:     Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

<> Most-Friendly People:     People of Bohol Province 
<> Most Diverse Culture & Tradition:     Thailand

<> Most Convenient Transportation:     Trains of Singapore
<> Most Unforgettable Trip:     Thailand-Cambodia backpacking

My Quarterlife is just about to start and I'm very much looking forward on what lies ahead. Well hopefully more travels to come and more places to stick on my memory lane. Oh, more languages to learn as well to add in my brain train... so far I have Singapore's "lah", Thailand's "Khop Khun Khap", Cambodia's "Ok Khun", and Malaysia's "Selamat"!

Keep traveling :)


  1. How many days did you allot for your backpacking? And how much should one prepare suppose for a 2-3 week backpacking covering Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam?

    1. Hey Joann!

      Frankly speaking, I only allotted few days during my Thai-Cam backpacking experience. I only had 4D & 3N enjoying the beauty of Thailand (Bangkok and Ayutthaya) and Cambodia (Siem Reap). I know it wasn't enough that's why I'm eager to go back again with a longer stay.

      Budget, hmmmm, I spent around PHP18000 for during my trip (excluding airfare).

      Keep traveling!




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