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Monday, July 08, 2013

Masskara Festival 2013

The month of October has always been very special for fellow Bacolodnons and BacoleƱos alike. Simply because of the world-renowned and highly-anticipated event, the Masskara Festival.

Masskara Festival Bacolod

Masskara Festival was derived from two words coined by the late artist Ely Santiago; "Mass" which means a multitude of people, and "Cara" which in Spanish Language means face. Combining the two words forming "MassKara" simply means "a multitude of faces". It can also be directly associated with the Filipino word Maskara which means "mask". [source here]

Various Masskara Creations in Bacolod
Various Mask Creations by Local Artists

Masskara is held from the 1st week until the 3rd week of October. The highlights of the festival which include the street dancing competition, street party, electric masskara, etc., is being compacted during the 3rd week. To wrap-up the prestigious event, Bacolod City is celebrating its Charter Day Celebration during the 19th of October.

Colorful MasskaraMasskara Streetdance

Masskara Festival streetdance

Masskara Streetdance Float
Masskara Streetdance

TRAVEL TIPS: When visiting Bacolod City, The City of Smiles, for the Masskara Festival, here are some tips you may take note:
  • When booking a hotel accommodation, better stay along the streets of Lacson and Araneta. Most of the festivities are held on these major streets. Along Lacson Streets, there are a lot of local restaurants that will surely satisfy your desires. For budget travelers, there are a lot of Inns and Lodges near the Public Plaza.
  • Dress Lightly and Comfortably. Wear simple clothes because the weather in Bacolod City during the month of October is quite peculiar. Sometimes, the weather can get very hot and sometimes, heavy rains may fall. 
  • Bring Water, Towel and Umbrella which serve as your "first aid kit". There are a lot walking to do so make sure you have your water to quench your thirst and your towel to alleviate the heat. Umbrella in case heavy rains will pour.
  • Never miss trying the authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal. Need I say more? Bacolod City is famous for its grilled chicken or the "Chicken Inasal". I highly recommend you to visit the Manokan Country beside SM City Bacolod for numerous local chicken inasal restaurants.
  • Participate in the streets during the Street Dancing Competition. For professional photographers and hobbyists, Masskara Festival is a blast of colors and creativeness that must be captured by your camera lenses!
  • Electric Masskara just started 4 - 5 years ago and it has also gained its popularity over the years. It's like a version of Masskara street dance but using lights as its major component. Electric Masskara is usually celebrated from the 16th - 19th of October along Lacson Streets.
  • Food Tripping at Calea Cake, Bob's Cafe, Chicken House, Chicken Deli, Quan, Kuppa, Bong Bong's Pasalubong, etc. There are lots of local restaurant that serve delicious food and will surely captivate your gastronomic demands. Bacolod's main product is sugar so be prepared to experience sugar-rush at it's finest!
Float Parade at Electric Masskara

Giant Floats at Electric Masskara Bacolod
Electric Masskara Float Parade

This year 2013, Bacolod City is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary as a chartered city which was established way back 1938. I'm definitely sure that the local government of Bacolod will prepare and organize an unforgettable Masskara Event that will capture the hearts of Bacolodnons and visiting tourists.

Check out now the Masskara Festival 2013 Schedule!

Masskara Masks in Bacolod City
Mask-Making Competition

Kari Na Sa Masskara! (Come Join the Masskara Festival!)


  1. Hi! The Kasadya Foundation, Inc., lead organizer of this year's MassKara Festival will have its first PRESS CONFERENCE on August 29, 9:30AM at the Bacolod City Government Center Lobby to layout the 20 days of non-stop fun in the Philippines happening this October. Online Bloggers are very welcome to attend but for those who would find it hard to make their way to the venue, we'll do our best to feed it live online. Rest assured as well that we will be live blogging the event so please follow (@MassKara2013) and like (MassKara Festival) the official social media accounts for real time updates. Thank you very much. For your queries please reach me via mobile at 09433308959 -Alfred Lucot, Media Affairs and Online Business MF13.

    1. Hi Sir Alfred,

      Thanks for the invite! Unfortunately I couldn't come at the said date coz I'm currently in Manila. Anyhow, I'll surely keep track of the development and I will try to post an update here in my travel site to inform visitors of the updated schedule. I would be happy to get a final schedule from you if it's okay so I can include it here in my site as well.

      Kudos to Masskara 2013!




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