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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Puerto Princesa, Palawan: A Traveler's Guide

TRAVEL DATES: September 7 - 10, 2013

The City of Puerto Princesa in the Island Province of Palawan is now The Philippines' largest city. Yes, Davao City no more. Being where the world-class Subterranean River is found, my expectations of Puerto Princesa were on a high. No doubt.

Puerto Princesa Airport
Puerto Princesa Airport

Prior my trip, my thoughts in mind about Puerto Princesa were: clean bodies of water, lesser air pollution, friendly locals, sumptuous foods, vibrant city aura and bunch of tourist-worthy spots. Well here's my rundown of observations visiting the place, as far as my memory can suffice me.


Gloomy Weather in Puerto Princesa

Philippines is situated in the Pacific Ocean and located just slightly above the equator and the weather is generally tropical. First half of the year means sunny or dry season and the other half is wet or rainy season. Palawan Island which is located on the western side of the Philippines is lucky enough because they don't experience heavy rains and typhoons because of its location. Yes it rains sometimes but tolerable.; however when it gets hot, the heat is really scorching.


Avatar Mountain in Puerto Princesa
The "Avatar" Mountain

CLEAN, and that summarizes it all. It's nice to see how the city is strategically located between the mountains and the seas. The lush mountainside views will surely relax your eyes and the clean waters of their shores and islands will make you appreciate nature more. Their city streets are cleaner compared to most urban cities in the Philippines. I really am hoping that their local government will put extra efforts in maintaining this quality living environment!


Welcome to Puerto Princesa
Free Welcome Necklace upon our arrival

Palawe├▒os are very accommodating, polite and kind. You can really feel the air of their hospitality the moment the you touch down their airport and to their hotels and pension houses. Smiles on their faces always greet tourists and visitors both local and foreign.

Their main language here is Tagalog, which is also Philippines' official national language. For foreign tourists, worry not because they also understand and speak the English Language. It's very easy negotiating and haggling down for prices in souvenir shops!


Puerto Princesa Tricycle
Puerto Princesa's Tricycle

As compared to most urban cities where the main transportation modes are jeepneys and taxis, in Puerto Princesa the main transportation option is the local version of the tricycle. It's slightly modified from the usual ones we see from other Philippines cities and it can fit 5 persons maximum. Tricycle fare is around PHP 10 per person per ride. Check out more details about their Transportation.

<> SAFETY <>

Having jitters going home late at night to your hotels and pension houses? Well, scrape it off because it's not a major concern! The streets are peaceful at night and feels safe walking even at around 12MN. On our second night stay in the city, we had some drinks at their local bar, Tiki Bar, and went home around 10:30 PM. We just walked from the bar to our hotel, Ysabelle Mansion, and took us around 30 minutes. Nothing bad happened thus we did it again the next day. :)


Puerto Princesa Ka Lui
Entrance to Ka Lui Restaurant

Such a haven of delicious and sumptuous foods, that's how I want to describe Puerto Princesa. They have a lot of local restaurants that will surely satisfy your cravings and gastronomic demands. Because of the rich marine biodiversity the city has, various seafoods are always at the top of every menus. Also, each restaurant offers different ambiance which complements their food more. Highly recommended restaurants are Ka Lui, Kinabuchs, and Badjao.


Palawan Underground River Entrance
Underground River Entrance

Need I say more? The newly-proclaimed Seven New Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, says it all. Mountain Climbing, Spelunking, Beach Bumming, Island Hopping, Firefly Watching.. they have good places you can tour around!


Well definitely cost of living is cheaper as compared to Metro Manila. Not much establishments around the city and they only have two main shopping malls: Robinson's Mall and NCCC Mall.


There are a number of banks, money changers and ATMs around the city which you can withdraw and exchange your money. They really made sure you always have enough money to spend during your trip.

Check out Puerto Princesa City's official seal, the blue peacock! Cool, huh?

Puerto Princesa City Seal

Browse more information about Palawan from here:


  1. Give your itineraries~ dude I think that was a thrifty trip!

    1. Hi there! Thanks a lot. Surely it was a thrifty trip in Puerto Princesa.. You may view my other Palawan posts for the rest of the activities one can do.

      Keep traveling! ^^,




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