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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Exploring Sabang Port and Beach

Sabang Port is a 2-hour van travel from the city proper of Puerto Princesa. It's just exciting to know that even though it's located quite far from the heart of the city, it still is a part of the city! Well Puerto Princesa is now the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area so I guess that explains it.

 Boats lining up Sabang Port
 Boats lining up Sabang Port

Sabang Port is the gateway to the Subterranean River. A lot of pump boats lined up the shores for boat rentals to and from the Subterranean River. It's nice to see how the local government funded this port for it to be a decent transportation hub to the newly proclaimed New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Registration Booth for Underground River
Registration Booth for the Underground River Tour

TRAVEL TIP: The weather in Palawan is a bit peculiar, sometimes it rains very hard, and sometimes, the sun's is all up. Good thing they set-up some big tents to accommodate tourists waiting for their boat trip. It's enough to cater hundreds of waiting tourists so no worries if the rain will pour hard or the sun's rays will strike.

Sabang Port Palawan
Sabang Port

Sabang Port is more than just being a station for waiting boats. It also boasts it's clean and white sand shores and crystal clear waters. If you have the luxury of time while waiting for your boat schedule and underground river appointment, be sure to have a walk on the shores and just feel the waters on your bare feet. Bask under the sun's heat and just savor the moment.

Sabang Beach Front Palawan
Sabang Beach

If your a photographer, either hobbyist or professional, I'm sure you'll definitely enjoy capturing the vast scenery and mixing and matching your camera settings for a best quality photo finish!

Mountainside view of Sabang Port
Mountain-side view of Sabang Port

Check out some of the useful links below for more details about the Underground River Tour.

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