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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Sabang Beach Lunch Buffet

After a memorable and worthwhile trip in the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a sumptuous meal should suffice our hungry stomachs. Good thing because included in our underground river tour package is a buffet lunch at a restaurant along Sabang Beach.

Gusto Grill & Resto, Sabang Port
Gusto Grill & Resto, Sabang Port

The restaurant's name was "Gusto Grill & Resto" which is just some few walks from the Sabang Port. It's a two-storey bamboo-made restaurant that offers buffet lunch to visiting tourist. The restaurant is an "open-type" resto to which the fresh air of Sabang Beach greets you.

To my surprise, almost all of the local travel and tours agency bring their guests and visitors to this restaurant. Why? Hmm, well based on my observations, the restaurant offers several types of viands that will not bore your taste buds; vegetables, pork, beef, fish, desserts. Every time the foods on the serving dishes went empty, they were instantly refilled, which was nice!

Gusto Grill & Resto Palawan
Lunch Buffet at Gusto Grill & Resto

The foods served, in my opinion, was just average and nothing special or to go back for. Just a mediocre one but it's already enough for me. By the way, they also serve here their local "delicacy" which is the "Tamilok" or known as the wood-worm.

Foods Served at Gusto Grill & Resto
A mixture of everything :)

The place was clean, the foods served were enough for me, the ambiance was fresh and relaxing, and the service was relatively good. Nothing to complain about. I'm satisfied!

View in front of Gusto Grill & Resto

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  1. Hi Dan, Nice blog! Pa-exchange link! :)

    1. Sure Cesei! haha medyo dutay pa mn lng gni mga posts ko.. katalamad kis.a e.. hahaha

  2. Hi... Can you let me know what is the name of the tour agent you book for the underground river cruise? would like to book the exact tour for my holiday next month. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Lonnie! I booked it with Palawan Holiday Tour. Please read my post about the underground river for more details.

      Keep traveling! "",




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