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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia: A Quick Tour Around the City - 2D/1N Itinerary Guide

Siem Reap City in Cambodia is such a lovely place that should be included on one's travel list. The cultural and heritage value of the city is still being preserved and the rural scenery is just as perfect as it should be. Peaceful, pollution-free, no traffic, and very few high-rise concrete buildings!

Ta Phrom, Angkor Cambodia
Ta Phrom

As a tourist, I found it safe walking on the streets both in the morning and in the middle of the night. No wonder why tourists enjoy Siem Reap and some consider the city as their safe haven and comfort place to escape the busy life they experience in their own hometowns.

The luxury of time wasn't on my side when I visited Siem Reap. Unlike other travelers who stayed for weeks in Cambodia, in my case I only had two days and one night to explore what the city has to offer. Well if you plan of visiting Siem Reap city and have limited time as well, this itinerary I have may help you maximize your stay.

Entrance to Angkor Wat
Entrance to Angkor Wat

DAY 1:
4:30 AM Call Time
5:50 AM Depart to Aranyaprathet through Eastern Line
11:30 AM Aranyaprathet to Poipet (Cambodian Border)
1:00 NN Cambodian Border
2:30 PM Taxi from Poipet to Siem Reap
4:30 PM Check-In at Rithy Rine Hotel
6:30 PM Dinner at Pub Street
8:00 PM Night Market: Psar Chaa
9:00 PM Late Drinking at Pub Street

DAY 2:
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM to  5:00 PM Angkor Wat
Angkor Thom
Bayon Temple, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King
South Gate of Angkor Thom
Ta Phrom and Bantea Srei
5:30 PM Souvenir shopping in the central market
6:30 PM Early Dinner
8:30 PM Check-In at Siem Reap Airport
10:30 PM Flight from Siem Reap to Manila

During my backpacking trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap, I met two individual backpackers who also had the same travel path with mine - A Indonesian girl named Reiki who's currently living in the United States, and a guy from Spain named Carlos. The two-hour taxi ride from Poipet (Thailand-Cambodia border) to Siem Reap City was one of the best times of my life sharing travel stories with other fellow travelers.

Angkor Wat remains
Stone formation in Bayon Temple

I learned a lot from them and hope they too from me. It's nice knowing how close the language and culture of The Philippines with Indonesia, and as well as hearing first hand information from a Spanish guy regarding Spain's current economic situation.

It really was a short time for me to confidently say that "Hey, I've been to Cambodia!". Well, I want to go back again and visit more temples and ruins and just find a peaceful spot and enjoy the beauty of nature. The "Tomb Raider" feel when inside the temples was priceless by the way. I still have more left in my Siem Reap list of temples.:)

Bayon South Gate, Siem Reap
Bayon Temple South Gate

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  1. Did you have any troubles at the Cambodian border? We ran into a few and ended up being super late getting into Siem Reap! So, I would suggest leaving extra time to get to Siem Reap, just in case!

    Although I'm not sure 1 night is enough! So much to see there! But if you're on a time crunch - then that's an awesome way to do it!

    1. Hi K.T.! Well the problem we faced crossing the Thai-Cambodian border is lining up under the sun's extreme heat. They only limit the people getting inside the immigration office and you need to line up outside first. A lot of people are there! Anyhow, after all the long queue and waiting we successfully passed the border. Twas exciting!

      Yeah I agree, Siem Reap does not deserve one night only. I actually wanna go back there and spend say at least 3 days!!!! :)

      Keep traveling!

  2. Nice place to go with friends and collect some knowledge about its historical architecture which helps me in my thesis. I try to follow that time schedule which you have mentioned in this post. This is great blog carrying all the information which i need to travel their and i appreciate your writing skills.

    1. Thanks a lot and hope you enjoyed your Cambodia escapade!

      Keep traveling! ^^,




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