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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hong Kong: 9 Things I'd Love Traveling Back To

A city that never sleeps on the eastern side of the globe is what I describe Hong Kong. A place where east meets west for having multitude of races interacting and sharing a single society. Having stayed here for 2 weeks almost, uttering the word "satisfied" is an understatement. The comfort and convenience, gastronomic pleasures, and cultures and traditions say it all.

The 9 Things I'd love going back to in Hong Kong comprise of some of the unforgettable experiences I encountered may it be for travel spots, foods and restaurants, people and culture, and of course safety and transportation.

I. - Octopus Card

A Card that "does" it all!

What's nice about Hong Kong's Octopus Card is it can be used in variety of services not only in transportation for trains and buses but also for merchant shops such as fast foods, convenience stores, and almost literally everything. I bought my card upon arriving Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) for the price HKD 150. The card already has a preloaded HKD 100 amount and if you want to surrender your card when departing Hong Kong, you can redeem your HKD 50 plus the remaining balance left in the card.

II. - TST & Avenue of the Stars

A popular tourist spot especially at night time because of the lights show being showcased every 8PM. Tsim Sha Tsui or famously called by its acronym TST, is a boulevard facing the Victoria Harbour and where the Avenue of the Stars and Hong Kong Museums are found. Wanna be closer to Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan? Dream no more as I already had my photograph taken!

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong
With the man, Bruce Lee!

III. - Ladies' Market

Definitely a haven for shoppers who find bargaining a challenge. Ladies' Market, located at Mong Kok Station, is a series of stalls lined up selling varieties of things from ready-to-wear clothes, souvenir items, bags, watches, and many more you'd least expect. The place comes to life at night which is fairly coupled with busy shopaholics looking for the things they want.
IV. - Mong Kok Food Trip

Honestly, I did not expect Hong Kong has this kind of place selling several Chinese street foods and drinks such as the stinky tofu, grilled squid, pig's organ soup (I forgot what it's called), milk tea, etc . I was in the assumption that Hong Kong is just a plain and typical business city but well, I stand corrected.

Mongkok Hong Kong Street Foods
Mongkok Street Foods

Mong Kok is a must-visit place in every Hong Kong tourist's itinerary and having HKD 20 to HKD 50 will overwhelmingly satisfy your stomach's desires.

V. - IFC & Central

The IFC Building or known as the International Finance Centre symbolizes Hong Kong's continues booming economy. It's picturesque facade and ginormous stance defines what the business center is now. Around the IFC and Central area you can find a lot of foreign tourists strolling as high end fashion brands are located here.

IFC Building Hong Kong
IFC Building

Also, the popular night out and go-to place known as the Lan Kwai Fong 蘭桂坊 or "LKF", is just a stone-throw away.

VI. - Hong Kong Piers & Ferries

The islands of Hong Kong are surrounded by bodies of water and kudos to their government for having piers and ferries which make the lives of visitors more convenient and travel-friendly. Crossing Victoria Harbour from TST Pier to Hong Kong Island Pier with a ferry fare of only USD 2 is a very good deal. Not to mention the scenic buildings you can see come night time.

Star Ferry Hong Kong

VII. - The Peak

I call The Peak as Hong Kong's mother of all skyscrapers! The Peak gives you a bird's eyeview of the whole city center and let's you see the tall and colorful buildings at Central Area on a microscopic view. Going to the peak is a rough 40 minutes bus ride or around 25 minutes tram ride from IFC. Be sure to bring your jacket when going to The Peak as winds tend to get colder and swifter.

The Peak Hong Kong Island
The Peak

VIII. - Big Buddha & Wisdom Path

Upon reaching the Big Buddha at Lantau Island, you will surely utter the word, "Finally!". Hong Kong's famous Big Buddha can be reached either by bus ride or cable car ride from MTR Tung Chung Station. Depending on the budget you have on hand, you may opt choosing either of the transportation modes.

Big Buddha Hong Kong
Big Buddha

Some 15-minute walk from the Big Buddha, you can find what they call as the "Wisdom Path". It's a relaxing place where you can find yourself surrounded by greens and mountains, and where the air is definitely fresh and the breeze is just calming. Check out my post about the Wisdom Path here: "The Wisdom Path - Lantau Island".

Lantau Wisdom Path Hong Kong
Lantau Wisdom Path

IX. - Sha Tin's 10,000 Golden Buddhas

I find Sha Tin's 10,000 Golden Buddhas an underdog from this list. I'm not sure if this is not as popular as other tourist spots for visiting travelers, but I can definitely say that this is one of the most fascinating destination in Hong Kong.

10,000 Golden Buddha Hong Kong
10,000 Golden Buddha

Prepare yourself for a long uphill trek before reaching a shrine at the top of the mountain. All the energy, thirst, and sweat spent will all be gone when you reach the top. As what the name implies, you can find 10,000 Golden Buddhas.

So what's the last thing that I'm looking for to complete my Top 10 list of things I love in Hong Kong? I can't say more as I want to go back in this lovely country again and seek the last spot on my list. I haven't been to other suggested places yet such as the Victoria Park, Ocean Park, Disneyland, and Sunny Bay so we'll see! :)

Surely, it will be an easy task for me the second time around!

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  1. Hong Kong City is in my wish list of tourist places to visit in 2014. Your article helps me to increase my tourist information about Hong Kong attractions thanks for the post. I hope I would be there in April 2014.

    1. Hi there!

      Hong Kong's just bustling with tourist destinations so finding a place to visit won't be a problem. Hope you will enjoy your planned Hong Kong trip this April!

      Keep Traveling!
      Dan :)




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