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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hong Kong: The Wisdom Path - Lantau Island

I really never imagined Hong Kong to be a place that fuses society and nature. A few train stations away from the center of the city, you can already find some nature parks and mountainside views. The most fitting picturesque scene that can translate this is the Lantau Island.

Ngong Ping Lantau Island
Ngong Ping Lantau Island

Lantau Island is where the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is located. It's roughly an hour bus ride going to the city center and around 45 minutes by train. The thing I love about Hong Kong is its convenient transportation where you can easily escape the city's ecstatic life in just train rides away.

TRAVEL TIP: Lantau Island can be reached through several MTR stations. The last station of the MTR Yellow Line is the Tung Chung Station which serves as the gateway going to Ngong Ping where the Big Buddha and Wisdom Path are found. A popular landmark in Tung Chung is the Citygate Outlet mall which is a popular shopping destination for both local and foreign shoppers. Check out MTR's website for the latest fare table as it will surely be helpful on your Hong Kong getaways.

Citygate Outlets Tung Chung Hong Kong
Citygate Outlets

Still pondering how to reach Ngong Ping area from MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B? Plain and simple as you have two options to choose from depending again with your budget on hand. The most popular way I must say is through the cable car which costs at least HKD 150 for a round trip ride on its standard cabin type. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes and do check out  the website of Ngong Ping 360 for more fare details.

The other one is through the Lantau Bus Ride 23 which can be found just below the cable car station. If you have the luxury of time and find the mountain scenes interesting, then this one suits you. Besides the cheaper fare, you can get a free pass of Hong Kong's spectacular countryside view, however the drawback is that the travel time is longer than cable car ride; Roughly 45 minutes ride that costs HKD 17.20 and you can get a glance of Ngong Ping.

Bus 23 to Ngong Ping Lantau
Bus 23 Terminal at Tung Chung

The Wisdom Path has gained popularity as a tourist destination because of thousands of tourists flocking the Big Buddha everyday. Little to the knowledge of most tourists, Wisdom Path can just be reached by foot from the Big Buddha Entrance and will take around 20 minutes of brisk walking. Sign boards are found everywhere so finding your way won't be a dilemma.

Signboards in Ngong Ping Hong Kong
Signboard Post For Tourists

The trek going to the Wisdom Path is very peaceful and relaxing as it is surrounded mostly by trees and bushes. We also passed by a dilapidated empty house and a minute after, we found ourselves taking photos of our most creative horror poster shot with the house as the background. Also, you'll pass by Ngong Ping Tea House which serves local tea and how I wish I had personally tried it.

Dilapidated House in Wisdom Path Trail
Featuring my colleague, Benj

Upon reaching the Wisdom Path, I was in awe - literally as my mouth was wide open and looking at the vast photo-worthy view of Hong Kong's nature scene. How I wish we had this view too in Manila. It was just an ecstatic moment taking pictures one after the other and never wasting the time photographing the views that will remain as a memory in my future.

Wisdom Path Hong Kong
Wisdom Path

The thing I liked most actually are the gigantic wooden planks with Chinese carvings in it. I did not actually understand what those Chinese carvings meant, but I assume it is something related to peace and serenity of one's self (I hope my guess is close :)). The cool breeze added to the calmness of the place and for solo travelers, I think this one's going to be a perfect place to meditate and appreciate the things in life.

Wisdom Path Lantau Island Hong Kong

I also noticed that there are a lot of hikers visiting the place as there is a designated trail going further up the mountains. I can still clearly remember when me and my other two travel colleagues were debating if the red dot that we saw on the far away mountainside was just a sculpture or a hiker resting in place. My guess was a sculpture and I was wrong! :)

Lantau Hiking Trail Hong Kong

When traveling, just enjoy what the journey can offer you. Besides, the experiences you'll gain are irreplaceable so better live it to the fullest. In my case, I was thankful for having visited the Wisdom Path as it gave me 30 precious minutes of peaceful time for myself.

Bus Line going back to Tung Chung
Bus 23 Back to Tung Chung

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  1. The place, i guess, is peaceful and relaxing. Love to visit there someday! :)

    1. Hi Marco! Yes the place is definitely relaxing and peaceful.. And far away from the busy city life!!!

      Thanks! :)

  2. Hi!!! The place looks amazing and peaceful!! Would you know how to get there from HKIA? :)




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