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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hong Kong: Food Walk In Mongkok

Never missing out the country's local dishes and cuisines is always on my to-do list as I believe that I can learn more about the local culture and tradition through what it can offer on the table, literally, and gastronomic satisfaction is actually what I always desire when traveling :)

Mongkok Food Trip in Hong Kong
Food Trip at its best!

Hong Kong, a melting pot of Chinese heritage, I must say is full of both delicious foods and weird-looking but mouth-tasting delicacies. Mongkok, a popular place for food tripping, was the top suggestion I gathered among my Cantonese-speaking friends. A variety of selections from stinky tofu, fried squid, soup made up of internal organs, authentic milk tea, etc., are just teasers of what to expect and taste.

Street Foods haven in Hong Kong
Mongkok Street Foods at its best!

TRAVEL TIP: Be prepared with some oddly-looking food you may see for the first time in Mongkok as it may seem gross to you but those foods are actually delicious. If you have a sensitive stomach, make sure to bring your meds with you for emergency.

Hong Kong delicious street foods
Dare yourself and try one la!

Pardon me if I cannot remember all the names of the foods I ate though I can still remember some of their English counterpart names but anyways, it's how the foods look and taste that matter. Stinky Tofu for me was the most unforgettable street food not because of its smell in particular (as it name implies) but because of the tenderness of the tofu. Okay, I admit I don't find its smell appealing but I love its taste and for me that says it all :)

Hong Kong Street Foods in Mongkok
Stinky Tofu at the leftmost side
Internal Organ Soup Hong Kong
Internal Organ Soup

The question now is, how to go to Mongkok area and indulge yourself into these street foods? There are actually 2 accessible stations through Hong Kong's MTR, one is of course through Mongkok Station and the other is through Yau Ma Tei Station. The street foods are located in between these stations so either way is okay. However, my friend suggested that Yau Ma Tei Station is more convenient, less crowded, and nearer to these food stalls. Check out MTR's website for the updated fare table:

Customers lining up at Mongkok street foods
Customers Lining-Up for the Large Fried Chicken!
Squid and more at Mongkok Hong Kong
Squid and more!

If there's one thing I want to applaud with Mongkok's street foods area as compared to my country, The Philippines, it's the cleanliness of the place which is an important factor when dealing with food business. Though the place was crowded with people buying and eating here and there, you won't feel stressed out with these busy scenes and it's kinda safe too.

Dinner at Mongkok with Hong Kong Friends
Mongkok Dinner with colleagues

Bringing HKD 100 with you will already mean a lot as prices are not that expensive as you think. Well, if you plan to eat on some restaurants serving rice meals, bring some extra money perhaps. Never miss tasting some authentic tea and milk tea by the way. Oh, the pig and cow internal organs soup is also a must, just don't mind the smell.

Mongkok Tea Hong Kong

Enjoy your meal! 食飯

Browse more information about Hong Kong from here:


  1. Interesting! I want to try all those street foods.

    1. Thanks Marco! Definitely you should try one when you visit Hong Kong! You'll surely appreciate their local culture and traditions more!

      Keep traveling,

  2. Wow, I love street food and these look amazing! Need to get to Mongkok some time soon...

  3. Hi!

    Looks delicious! Where exactly in mongkok is this?





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