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Friday, February 21, 2014

Hong Kong: Victoria Peak - City View At Its Finest

"Perhaps next time, I'll bring a thicker jacket...", the words my mind uttered when I visited the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Coming from a tropical country where the lowest average temperature ranges from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, the chilling winds at The Peak surely went into my nerves!

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong and that was definitely reflected by the flock of tourists visiting the place regardless of the time of the day. Well I guess the thought in most visitors' mind when visiting The Peak is that the more the night gets deeper, the better the view of the city skyline.

The Peak Galleria Hong Kong
The Peak Galleria

Passengers lining up the tram ride was unbelievable given that it was already past 8 PM the day we visited the place. Good thing I'm not patient lining up on long queues as the tram ride was significantly expensive than the bus ride. However, most of my friends suggested to take the tram ride as the experience is surely worth it and the travel time is much faster than the bus ride.

Tram Tower at The Peak Hong Kong
The Peak Tram

Tram ride costs HKD 28 by the way as of November 2013 and I'm not quite sure if this price is fixed regardless if peak or non-peak seasons.

TRAVEL TIP: If you're looking for a cheaper alternative going to The Peak, the bus ride will surely suit you as it only costs HKD 9.80 per trip and the bus terminal is conveniently located near the Central Ferry Station, just few walks away from the port. Signboards will lead you the way to the bus stop so don't worry. Bus ride takes around 30 - 40 minutes of zig-zag roads and overlooking views of Hong Kong!

IFC Tower Hong Kong
Nearest Landmark: IFC Tower
Bus Line Going to the Peak Hong Kong
Bus 15 to The Peak

The Peak gives a better view of the Hong Kong city skyline from a microscopic level. Though it was only my first time going here, I personally highly recommend visiting the place at night time instead of day time so one can surely appreciate the frantic building lights of Hong Kong's bustling center.

Viewing Deck at The Peak Hong Kong
Viewing Deck Area

Jumpshots everywhere, panoramic shots taken multiple times, and longer shutter speed camera settings, some of the fun things one can enjoy doing at The Peak. Mind you though, during the cold season in Hong Kong, it's literally cold and semi-freezing and wind speeds may go beyond what you expect.

View at The Peak Hong Kong

One mistake we did was we first went shopping before going to The Peak so it was a bit of a hassle when we arrived as our things were really blown hard by the winds.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Hong Kong's City Skyline

Afraid of heights? Dare yourself and never miss including the peak in your Hong Kong travel itineraries as it's a one-of-a-kind experience seeing Hong Kong on a different perspective!

Bus Station going to central from The Peak
Bus Terminal from The Peak Back To Central Area

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