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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Thinking Thoughts: Challenging A Fearful Traveler's Mind

Some people consider traveling as an extravagance and pleasure in life – enjoying a comfortable lifestyle miles away from the bustling city life and stressful biome. I’d say, traveling is an opportunity to know more about myself, learn new things that lie ahead, and rediscovering personal thoughts, fears, preferences and perceptions.

Water Rafting Course at Cagayan De Oro
CDO White Water Rafting

Living in a middle-class economic status, I take every travel destination as an opportunity as opposed to luxury as money is always of the essence. I admit, saving regular travel funds is a constant challenge payday after payday. It wasn’t easy setting aside at least 10% of my net payday salary for travel purposes. I assume many travelers and would-be go-getters share the same sentiments as me. Well good thing nowadays that a number of flight carriers, notably Cebu Pacific Air, offer relatively cheaper rates for both domestic and international routes!



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