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Friday, April 18, 2014

Candelaria, Zambales: 2D-1N Potipot Island Itinerary

TRAVEL DATES: March 1-2, 2014

Summer is in the air and a lot of us are again planning our own travel getaways to escape the extreme heat and enjoy basking under the sun. Situated some 4 to 5 hours or so, north of Metro Manila, the Province of Zambales has a lot more to offer for beach bummers wanting to relax and see the world on a calming perspective.

When in Potipot Island

Potipot Island is one of the beach getaway place popular to many and its proximity to Manila makes it more convenient to travel by land.

As what many people say, travel more and enjoy life because you only live once and opportunity and free time does not come in handy nowadays. Worrying about your travel budget? Well worry-not because PHP 2,000 is already enough to enjoy Potipot Island at its best.

Potipot Island beach side
The mountains of Zambales as the backdrop

Here's my 2D/1N Travel Itinerary to Potipot Island:

DAY 1:
4:00 AM Olongapo bus-bound from Cubao
6:45 AM Arrival Olongapo City
7:00 AM Transfer to Sta. Cruz-bound bus
10:30 AM Alight on Dawal Resort, Candelaria, Zambales
10:45 AM Boat Reservation (c/o Dawal Resort)
11:30 AM Candelaria Market for Lunch & Other stuff
1:30 PM Boat Ride going to Potipot Island
1:40 PM Touch Down Potipot Island!
2:00 PM Settle Down - FREE TIME!
5:30 PM Sunset Watching
6:30 PM Prepare for Dinner
9:00 PM Dinner and Socials
11:00 PM Beach Front Bonding with Friends
DAY 2:

6:00 AM Sunrise Watching
7:00 AM Breakfast Time
8:30 AM FREE Time! (Frisbee, Swimming, Sun Bathing, Photo-Ops, etc.)
12:30 PM Depart Potipot Island
12:45 PM Arrival at Dawal Resort & Freshen Up
2:30 PM Depart Candelaria, Zambales
4:45 PM Touch Down at Olongapo City and Dinner
7:00 PM Depart Olongapo City
10:30 PM Touch Down at Caloocan Terminal

TRAVEL TIP: Be early at the bus terminal so you can purchase your ticket and have a guaranteed comfy seat. The travel's quite long so a comfortable seat is a necessity. You may check out more details about some transportation options to Potipot Island from here.

Famous Tree in Potipot Island Zambales

As for my recommendations when visiting Potipot Island, plain and simple, enjoy the sun's heat, bring some jacket and long pants, thick clothes, and bonnet with you as the weather gets very cold at night, buy some food supplies for grilling most especially, and never miss the picturesque sunset.

Sunset at Potipot Island in Zambales
The moment I asked for a divine light...

Last thing, when dropping by Olongapo City for some quick lunch, I suggest "The Coffee Shop" restaurant as they serve delicious foods at a reasonable price - from Silog meals to American Style to anything you'd like. A budget of PHP 250 per person should be enough to satisfy one's gastronomic desires.

We only have around 3 - 4 months of sunny season in the Philippines so don't waste some precious times having some second thoughts going on a vacation!

Many Hands Silhouette in Potipot Island Zambales

Keep Traveling! :)

Browse more information about Potipot, Island from here:

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