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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mambajao, Camiguin: A Trip I'll Surely Come Again

When one says Camiguin, I'd say Come Again!

Pretty well justified visiting the Island Province of Camiguin over and over again as it never seizes to amaze travelers like me the laid-back province-feel life fused with the soothing sea breeze surrounding the island's shoreline.

Camiguin Island

Way too different compared to the traffic jam of Metro Manila, the honking buses along EDSA Highway, and the piles of garbage in every corner of the streets. In Camiguin, the daily life seems to slow down and the people always bring a smile on their faces. A very light and welcoming feeling!

For the information of everybody, Camiguin is the second-smallest island province in the Philippines in terms of land area and a part of the Northern Mindanao Region. Most might think that it's relatively dangerous in Mindanao, well in some areas yes, but in Northern Mindanao, life is way more peaceful and progressive.

Camiguin Island can be reached through several ways from the mainland, one option through Balingoan port, and an hour or two of boat trip will surely pay-off. One of the popular volcanoes in the Philippines, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, is considered as the heart and soul of the island, in the sense that it is centrally located and is believe to be the source for the creation of the province.

Mt. Hibok Hibok Camiguin

Camiguin is just so clean and green and if you are one heck of a nature lover, I bet you'll consider the province your second home. Also, there are very few people on the road, which I prefer, and less noise pollution, and no traffic. I clearly remembered the two girl tourists that were with us during the boat trip, and upon arriving Camiguin's Benoni port, they rented a motorbike and drove themselves to their hotel destination on the other side of the island. Such a carefree and hassle-free life. It was somehow hilarious because they were carrying with them two travel luggage, which they placed in between them while riding the motorbike. But well who cares - enjoying life to the fullest!

Roads of Camiguin Island
Driving is a privilege here!

I had already said to myself, I'd come again in Camiguin as it surely was worth my vacation time. Maybe next time through direct airplane flight as one of the low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific Air, already serves direct flight from Cebu City. It may save me some precious land and boat travel times and spend it instead resting on Camiguin's White Island and/or Mantigue Island.

Going to White Island Camiguin
White Island, Camiguin

In the years to come, I'm hoping that more tourists will visit and appreciate Camiguin's beauty and more adventures to offer to everyone visiting the island. Well for now there are several hot and cold springs, white islands, and historical ruins, and maybe in the future, the local government can also develop and maintain extreme sports adventures like zipline and rapelling like the ones we also have in Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Bacolod and Bohol.

For a comfortable and laid-back vacation in Camiguin Island, I highly recommend Paras Beach Resort!

Hibok Hibok Volcano in Camiguin
White Island with Mt. Hibok Hibok

Keep Traveling!

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