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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon: Dahilayan Adventure Park - Day Tour

I guess most of us have already tried riding ziplines or perhaps dreamt of riding one someday. I'm not quite sure how it specifically became popular in the Philippines during the recent years because it seemed that every nature park and adventure park now offers zipline courses.

Welcome to Bukidnon
Welcome To Bukidnon!

In the Province of Bukidnon, they boast here the country's longest dual zipline course. It's kinda fun having a friend beside you sharing your anguish and fear while counting the remaining time left before arriving at the zipline's finish line. Well for me, yes it may seem an interesting idea, but it's not that adventurous at all. The feeling riding the zipline alone is still the best satisfaction one can get. Scary, yes, but definitely is worth a lifetime!

Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon can be conveniently reached from Cagayan De Oro City in the Province of Misamis Oriental. The easiest way when traveling in a group is of course booking beforehand a tour package inclusive of land travel to Bukidnon.

Dahilayan Park Hotel in Bukidnon
Dahilayan Adventure Park

TRAVEL TIP: If you're working on a tight budget, you may opt to research some transportation options to and from Dahilayan Park. I highly recommend though booking a tour package with van transportation as the park is nowhere near the city center and you'll first pass-by a very long stretch of pineapple plantation. Some roads are not yet paved, and bumpy at times.

To start with, Dahilayan Adventure Park, not only caters one aerial activity but a whole lot more one can enjoy. Basically they have three courses for ziplines depending on the length. They have the shortest which is 150 meters, pretty well suited for children, 320 meters, and the longest course which is around 840 meters.

Dahilayan Park Bukidnon Zipline

As compared to the zipline course I once tried in Davao City, I enjoyed Dahilayan's course more. Well, mainly because in Davao, it's only a 2-course zipline as compared to the 3-course of Dahilayan Adventure Park. In terms of thrill factor, both are relatively equal, Davao probably slightly a notch higher because of the beautiful view of the river below the zipcourse. Check out Dahilayan Park's rates and accommodation online for more information.

Dahilayan Park Rope Course Bukidnon
They Offer Rope Courses Too!

The extreme adventure I won't ever forget in my life is Bukidnon Adventure Park's Dropzone! I definitely felt my fear sank in when I tried it, the feeling of being hoisted up slowly and then being dropped 120ft high. Just imagine that! The only thing that connected my life and with reality was the thick and durable rope harnessed to myself. It really was life-changing for me, metaphorically. My knees were shaking for like 5 to 10 minutes after trying the Dropzone! Imagine that again!

Dropzone in Bukidnon
STEP 1: Hoisted Up!

Dropzone in Dahilayan Park Bukidnon
STEP 2: Off You Go The 120 ft Drop! 

Anyhow, it still is better of having tried something than thinking of it over and over again for not having tried it. Fear, yes it always is there, but conquering it is another thing. Worth trying!

Dahilayan Adventure Park Bukidnon
Challenges Accepted In Bukidnon!

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  1. Whenever you go to Cagayan de Oro or Bukidnon you must definitely visit Dahilayan Adventure park. I'm really happy it has become very popular through out the country. It has come a long way and I hope more tourist will visit the park and experience fun and adrenaline rush.




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