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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Mambajao, Camiguin: White Island Sandbar - Day Tour

The more popular tourist destination in Camiguin Island, the White Island Sandbar, is situated just minutes away from Paras Beach Resort, via pumpboat. From Paras, one can actually see the view of the island, just an ordinary sandbar from afar, but such a picturesque scene when you are already in the island.

White Island Sandbar Camiguin view
White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar is always included in every traveler's and tour company's bucket list because of the serenity and calmness the island offers. Views of the sunrise and sunset are best captured in the White Island because of the addition of the Mt. Hibok-Hibok on the background; making one realize how rich The Philippines has been blessed with natural resources.

TRAVEL TIP: Boat rentals can be found at the seaside near Paras Beach Resort. A boat can be rented for a back-and-forth trip to the island for PHP 400 - PHP 500, good for 3 passengers. Some boats have roof covers while others don't. Be sure bringing some towels or hats with you to cover yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Boat travel takes roughly 15 minutes.

Boat rental to White Island Camiguin
Boat Rental To White Island Camiguin

The waters are very clear - the first thought that came into my mind. The island is not quite big, and no solid structures are found, only umbrella hats and small tents, but it is very clean. To preserve the richness and freshness of the island, no structures were allowed to be built.

White Island Sandbar Camiguin

A couple bottle of cold beers, snorkeling gears, yoga mats, and digital cameras are all you need in White Island. Forget all the emails and text messages you receive from your mobile phones for the mean time, and enjoy the island at its best. Taking photographs with Mt. Hibok-Hibok at the scene is very popular and jumpshots are also good photoshoot ideas.

White Island Camiguin San Mig Light
Thirst Quencher!

TRAVEL TIP: First trip going to the White Island is at around 5:30 AM, so if you are a fantard of sunrise photography, secure your boat rental reservation schedule the day before, to avoid the hassle. Capturing the sunrise from White Island's perspective, is a great opportunity. On the other hand, for sunset photography enthusiasts, boats are only allowed in White Island until 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The reason is that most boats, if not all, don't have lamps or lights with them, so it will be a risk traveling back to Camiguin at night time.

Sunset view at White Island Camiguin

Dawn view at White Island Camiguin

Hopefully, the Provincial Government of Camiguin will continue their responsibilities in maintaining the cleanliness not only of the White Island sandbar, but to the rest of Camiguin Island. Natural resources are what Camiguin have to offer, so it is just right to be taken care well. Kudos to the Environment and Natural Resources team of Camiguin! Hats off to you guys!

Calmness at White Island Camiguin

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