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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mauban Port To Cagbalete Island, Quezon: Getting There

Arriving the Municipality of Mauban, the serene rural set-up greets you, where life is slow-paced, streets are clean and well-maintained, and traffic that is way more bearable. So from Mauban, how can one go to Cagbalete Island?

Private Boats for Rent to Cagbalete Island
Boat Ride to Cagbalete Island

Basically, there are several passenger boats that leave Mauban Port on a regular schedule - there's 10 AM trip and a 4:30 PM trip. Sometimes though, the boats leave quite early, as soon as it is full. Boat fare costs around PHP 50.

TRAVEL TIP: As an alternative, if you arrive Mauban port at an earlier time, you may negotiate with other fellow travelers that are also bound for Cagbalete, to rent a private boat. They have a regulated fare matrix for private boats so you need not worry for any possible over-pricing. The one we rode was a 15-seater boat which costs PHP 3,000.

Tourism Office in Mauban Port, Quezon
Tourism Office in Mauban Port, Quezon

As compared to the itinerary we prepared before we departed, we were around an hour and a half earlier than we expected. We left Manila at around 2:30 AM and suprisingly, by 4:30 AM we were already at Lucena Grand Terminal. From Lucena to Mauban, it only took us roughly one-hour through the local NCR Rienton bus line. The sun was just about to rise when we arrived Mauban and registered at their tourism booth. 

Travel time from Mauban to Cagbalete Island is roughly 45 minutes if the seas are calm, and around 1 hour if the seas are not as friendly as the bangkeros may expect. Leave early and surely the waters are still relatively calm. Waves are kinda huge at times so bring some anti-dizziness medicines with you, if needed.

Sabang Port, Cagbalete Island, Mauban
Sabang Port, Cagbalete Island

A few kilometers before arriving Cagbalete Island, you can already witness the serenity of the island, just as local as you can get, and the waters are clear and pristine. Cagbalete is a fishing village so a lot of fisherfolks and kids will greet you upon arrival. If the tides are low, they have an un-motorized mini-boat that will fetch passengers from the pump boat and the reason is that pump boats cannot dock near the shores because the propellers will be damaged. They charge PHP 5 to PHP 10 per person for the mini-boat transport.

Mini-boat in Sabang Port, Cagbalete Island
One of the Mini-boats in Sabang Port

From Sabang Port in Cagbalete Island, going to the other side of the island for the stretch of beach resorts available, you will pass by the local village and some grassy terrains. If the sun is up and hasn't rained the night before, the trails are bearable, however, if it has rained or is raining, the terrains get swampy, and like some parts are really muddy.

Grassy Terrain to Cagbalete Resorts

Swampy Areas in Cagbalete Island
One of the Swampy Areas Going to the Resorts

It takes around 10 - 15 minutes walk on these grassy and slightly swampy terrains. The walk was fun and enjoyable because you will pass by a school on the village area and kids are staring at you with their smiles hooked on their faces. Others will even offer carrying your bags and guide you to your resort, but please ask them first if they don't have classes or got no chores to do in school.

View of Cagbalete Island
Cagbalete Island

Spend 2 to 3 days in Cagbalete Island and I'm sure you'll have your well-deserved staycation and relaxation time!

Browse more information about Cagbalete Island, Quezon from here:

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