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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon: 2D/1N Travel Itinerary

Cagbalete Island in the Municipality of Mauban, Province of Quezon, is one of those near and accessible destinations from Metro Manila. A perfect time to chill out and relax under the heat of the sun, thinking nothing but zoning yourself out from the daily routinary works.

Mini-boat at Cagbalete Port, Quezon
Mini-boat of Cagbalete

As Cagbalete Island gained a lot of popularity in recent years being a worthy and budget-friendly beach getaway, lots of beach front resorts also sprung along its coast, and looking for a place to stay overnight in the island, even though you don't have any prior reservations, is no longer a problem.

Below's my travel itinerary for a 2D/1N stay-cation and personally, an overnight stay is more than enough as I've no plans in mind but just to unwind, dip in the beach under the sun's heat, play some ball games in the sand, and set a foot at the Bonsai Island, which sits beside Cagbalete.

DAY 1:
1:30 AM  Bus bound for Lucena through JAC Liner 
4:30 AM  Arrived Lucena Grand Terminal 
5:00 AM  Bus Bound for Mauban through NCR Rienton Lines 
6:20 AM  Arrived Mauban Bus Terminal 
7:40 AM  Private Boat Trip to Cagbalete Island 
8:45 AM  Arrived Cagbalete Island (fisherfolk area) 
9:00 AM  Trekked going to the other side of Cagbalete
10:00 AM  Check-In at Joven's Blue Sea Beach Resort 
12:00 NN  Lunch & Beach Bumming 
6:00 PM  Freshen-up, Dinner, Socials 
10:30 PM  Lights Off 
DAY 2:
6:15 AM  Sunrise Watching 
6:45 AM  Walk to the Bonsai Island 
8:30 AM  Head Back to Cagbalete, Breakfast 
10:30 AM  Check-out at Joven's Blue Sea Beach Resort 
11:30 AM  Passenger boat ride to Mauban 
12:45 PM  Arrived Mauban Port 
1:30 AM  Bus bound for Lucena Terminal 
3:00 PM  Arrived Lucena Grand Terminal, Late Lunch 
4:00 PM  Bus bound for Cubao, Manila 
7:30 PM  Cubao Terminal - Touch Down! 

Bonsai Island, Cagbalete Island
Bonsai Island From Afar

TRAVEL TIP: During peak seasons, and holidays, passenger queue in JAC Liner Buendia Terminal is seriously long so to be safe, go to the terminal as early as you can. For the NCR Rienton bus line bound for Mauban, it is just found within Lucena Grand Terminal, just right after the food stalls. It's a non-aircon economy bus so don't expect much space and comfort as it is jam-packed.

Cagbalete Island view, Mauban

For the places to stay in Cagbalete, I recommend Joven's Blue Sea Beach Resort, Villa Noe Resort, and Dona Choleng Resort. These are pretty descent resorts with sufficient room accommodations. For food options, I recommend Dona Choleng's meals.


  1. Lookibg forward to my third visit !

  2. Theres so much beautiful beach in Quezon. I just hope this virgin beach wont be like boracay, too crowded and lots of garbage

  3. Awesome! This is very informative post. Hope to visit soon. :)

  4. Very informative post. Do they get hit by typhoons often too?

    1. Well not quite sure with that Clarice :) Philippines is a tropical country so anything is possible when it comes to weather changes.

    2. Clarice: Yes 1 time inabutan kami ng typhoon sa island kaya no choice kami kung hindi mag stay pa ng 1 night.. mga tent namin nasa taas nang puno lahat sa lakas ng hangin xD

  5. I was supposed to go here last labor day. and you're right bus lines can get really crowded during holidays. Hopefully my trip here won't be postponed the next time :)

  6. This is a wonderful island, but everything was pretty wild. Philippine is plenty of islands and interesting tourist destinations.

  7. Amazing trip! I will go to Cagbalete Island soon.

  8. Great post! And may online reservations na ang Jac Liner going to/from Mauban :) You can book directly at their Facebook page ( or at :)

  9. Thanks for this. :) plan dn namin pumunta ng cagbalete sa sept. meron din ba malapit na side trip like falls or cave doon?

  10. meron po bang pupunta dito this coming month of sept.? pwedeng mag join??

  11. Amazing trip! This is a wonderful island.




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