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Monday, May 11, 2015

Batad, Banaue, Ifugao: Every Traveler's Bucketlist - Part 1

Visiting Batad, in the mountainous Municipality of Banaue, Province of Ifugao, is a living proof that Philippines is still one of the best places in the world, deserving to be on every tourist's travel getaway list. Where comfort is already met with simple and yet quality way of life is definitely an understatement in Batad.

Batad, Banaue, Ifugao Rice Terraces
Batad Rice Terraces

If there's gonna be a single rant that I want to express about Batad, that would be the expensive prices of foods and commodities - however it is pretty justified as they are transporting these supplies from Banaue market which is quite a distance, plus they hire porters to carry all the supplies which includes bottled softdrinks. Oh my, carrying these supplies on a not-so-friendly terrain down the terraces is one heck of a serious job.

On the lighter side of life, Batad is such a picturesque and mesmerizing place. Period. Nothing more and nothing less, and all the body aches and sore feet experienced during the mountainous trek will be worth the efforts when you already reach the viewpoint facing the UNESCO Heritage declared Rice Terraces. Surreal!

Rice Terraces of Batad, Banaue

I'd definitely go back, if schedule and money permits. I've learned a lot during this travel and I won't mind doing it the second time. Here are some of the takeaways I still have on my pockets that I believe you should also experience in Batad.

<> Fresh Air is precious. <>

Manila is more than just a traffic-full city, it's on the top list as well as one of the highly-polluted urbanized city in the country. And I'd say, having a breath of fresh air is a luxury in Manila. Batad is a complete opposite as the air is clean and fresh. Now this is the real luxury of life.

Batad Village in Banaue Ifugao

<> Coffee Sessions are relaxing. <>

Just sitting on a wooden chair and facing the famous Rice Terraces of Batad is worth the view. It makes the home-made Ifugao coffee engagingly delicious. I seemed to be hypnotized looking at the luscious greens of the terraces while having a sip of my coffee.

Local Coffee of Batad in Banaue, Philippines
Who wouldn't, right? :)

I won't find this one of a kind view anywhere in The Philippines, and coupling this scene with a hot coffee is definitely an extra treat!

<> Mornings are great. <>

Need I say more? No air-conditioned rooms, no electric fans, just pure fresh air from the open windows. The cold morning air that greets you in Batad will surely put a smile on your face and thank God that we still have this living environment-friendly society. Forget all the extravagant amenities we have available in the metro, as a simple life in Batad is already sufficient to make your mornings... priceless!

Banaue, Batad, Ifugao, Philippines

<> Ifugao Hut is beyond amazing. <>

A blast from the past! This 4-legged Ifugao Hut available in Ramon's Homestay is not one's choice if comfort and convenience are the factors. But if you're up for a night staying in this native hut patterned from the original Ifugao huts, hats off for you!

Ifugao Hut of Batad, Banaue, Philippines
Ifugao Hut of Batad

Living in the night with only candles as the light sources, an open window for the air source, a crafted wooden ladder as your stairs, and a wooden door with a wooden lock as its key, is an irreplaceable experience. I admit, I was hesitant and scared living in this crude condition, but hey, this is only available in Ifugao!

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