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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Batad, Banaue, Ifugao: Every Traveler's Bucketlist - Part 2

So to continue my previous post regarding my "Bucketlist of I love" about Batad in Ifugao, Philippines, listed here are the next four reasons to essentially support my claims. As only few may have known, the Rice Terraces most postcards show are those actually located in Ifugao, either in Banaue or Batad.

Batad, Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines
Rice Terraces of Batad, Ifugao

Life is fairly different in rural areas as compared to urbanized cities in The Philippines such as Baguio City. The way of living in the rurals is simpler and as I may call it - slow and steady, and that's the reason why we need to take a break from the stressful city biome and jumpstart a relaxing day in the mountains of greens or beaches of blues and aquas.

Hopefully, you'll also have the time to experience and witness personally the next 4 reasons I have during my Banaue and Batad trip. Never mind the expenses, it's all worth it.

<> Rice Terraces are scenic.<>

If you had already went to Banaue and Batad, wouldn't you also agree? Definitely the rice terraces are such a delight to watch! It's amazing to know how the mountainside evolved and has been transformed by locals into a rice farming haven. The steep slope of the mountains is not just the only problem but as well as maintaining an irrigation system that will supply water to all the "stairwell-like" plant boxes that had been molded by hands.

Batad Rice Terraces, Philippines
Irrigation System of Batad Rice Terraces

I'd rather not dig deep into how those problems have been addressed and instead, just feel proud of what the Ifugao locals have done. Preserving the environment is now hard to achieve, given the evolution of technology is on an exponential pace. Besides, wouldn't you be happier and fulfilled to having visited one of UNESCO's Heritage Site? Well, I personally felt accomplished visiting Batad.

Rice Terraces of Batad, Philippines

<> Trekking is as exciting. <>

"To walk? Or not to walk?" That is not a relative question in Batad. The only choice from Batad Junction or Batad Saddle is to trek. Few kilometers of walk may sore your feet but the beautiful view you will get is picture perfect.

Trekking in Batad Rice Terraces, Philippines
So, are you up for the rice terraces trek? :)

<> People are heartwarming. <>

A very welcoming environment is what I've experienced in Batad. With the differences in dialect, it did not contribute much challenge navigating from Banaue Public Market to Batad Rice Terraces simply because locals are very accommodating and are always willing to lend a hand.

Locals of Ifugao, Philippines
The mystery behind Agory - a local tour guide

It was also a blessing in disguise having met Agory, a relative of Mang Ramon, owner of Ramon's Homestay, at the jeep terminal in Banaue as she had shared snippets of what to expect in Batad. She also served as the tour giude during the trek down the terraces.

<> "Moma" is a popular thing. <>

Yes, Moma is more popular than cigarettes in Cordillera Region. I've spoke with one of the locals when I visited Sagada in Mountain Province and he mentioned that moma is a lesser evil than cigarette and in a way "healthier", and that's why locals prefer it. The downside though is the red colored spit on the walls and pavements brought by chewing and spitting moma.

As what I've known, moma or others call it "nga-nga", or Betel Nut, is chewed together with Betel leaf and lime. The effects of using moma is having red lips and saliva, and decaying teeth. I'm not sure if this is a healthier option, nevertheless, that is Cordillera's culture and it should be respected.

Browse more information about Cordillera Region from here:


  1. Amazing view! Perfect selfie spot and great shots btw :)

    1. Thanks a lot Aijika! Hope you can also visit Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao, Philippines!

      Keep traveling! ^^,




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