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And because I arrived a bit early at the airport for my 6:30am flight bound for Manila, and got nothing to do while waiting for my flight, I decided creating my first entry for my blog (it's official this time!). Well, boredom can sometimes be beneficial and forces us to do something sensible...well besides sleeping of course. Anyhow, anyway, any who, let's keep this story rolling!

2012 is the Year of the Dragon and its my year. Well as what they say and as what our Feng Shui masters believe, it SHOULD be my luckiest year but I guess, things haven't been turning out good so far. Work performance hasn't been good and opportunities weren't visible or simply, luck wasn't just on my side.

ANYHOW, I decided to modify my so-called "work-life balance" and instead of having 50-50 work-to-life ratio, I went with 80-20 ratio this time. Hahaha... If your not fortunate with one thing, move on to another thing. Life is just that simple! Keep moving forward and enjoy. :)

ANYWAY, this blog is meant to "inform" and "inspire" others to explore the places they want to go and visit. This blog contains a compilation of both my best travels and misadventures.

ANY WHO, just sit back and relax and enjoy my travel stories and make sure you will take note of some infos that might be helpful to you!


All articles written on this blog are all original and written by yours truly, and any sponsored blog posts and guest posts are given proper citation. All photos displayed are the intellectual property by yours truly, and any pictures not taken by myself are given proper acknowledgements. 

Any interests of using any details and resources given on this blog, shall first have the proper approval and authorization by the author, yours truly. Any illegal distribution and fabrication of the contents of this blog shall be deemed punishable! :)



  1. @ work to life ratio. U should change a bit the version into.. 'I m glad am employed my company feeds me (as u can see i am a baboy) unlike my wallet anyways u give me opportunity to travel but i still like my job and working at saturdays'

    1. hahahaa. Thanks a lot for your suggestion Luhas. Well-noted! :)




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